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The Advantages of a permanent flame retardant fabric

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Customers know to buy flame retardant fabric, permanent flame retardant fabric such as Kevlar flame retardant fabric and Lectra acrylic fire retardant fabric price is1-5 times normal flame retardant cotton fabrics. But the advantage is obvious permanent flame retardant fabric.

Product features:

1. Good security, fiber does not melt in case of fire, low smoke not toxic.

2. Permanent effect. Washing and friction does not affect the flame retardant properties.

3. Environmental protection, and natural fibers as a carrier, waste of natural degradation, comply with environmental requirements.

4. Excellent permanent fire retardant properties. In the prevention of the spread offlame, smoke, melting resistance, durability and upstream well.

5. Good thermal insulation and anti-static properties. Providing a full range of thermal protection.

6. Has the characteristics of natural fibres. Fabric with the moisture absorption of fiber properties, with a soft, comfortable, breathable, stain bright characteristics.


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