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  • US Cotton Production Forecasts At 17mn Bales For 2012
    Time : 2012-11-21

     According to USDA’s projections for the 2012 crop the U.S. cotton production forecast for 2012 remains at 17.0 million bales this month and is projected 1.4 million bales above the 2011 cr...
  • How do you determine the quality of an FR fabric?
    Time : 2012-11-20

     There are performance standards and test methods to determine the quality and performance of FR garments and to determine minimum and maximum performance of the fabrics.     ...
  • Kevlar and Nomex
    Time : 2012-11-20

    Woven aramid fibers are so strong they can stop a bullet. Strong, heat-resistant aramid fibers are used in the brand-name fabrics Kevlar and Nomex. The fabrics are well known for their uses in body ar...
  • Safety From Fire With Heat Resistant Material
    Time : 2012-11-20

     From the day fire was found by man' the next thing to look at, might have been safety from it. A lot of research has been done to find materials which are safe from it. As a result of this exten...
  • What is Fire resistant paint?
    Time : 2012-11-20

      Fire resistant paint is a substance that can delay and prevent the spread of fire for a specific period of time. It is important to remember that no substance is completely incombustible. The paint ...
  • Stay Focused on Quality
    Time : 2012-11-20

    Don’t spread yourself thin when offering services to clients. Taking on too much impacts your quality and effectiveness and your clients will notice. Stay focused on your specialties. For everyt...
  • Effects of Hoods and Flame-Retardant Fabrics on WBGT Clothing Adjustment Factors.
    Time : 2012-11-20

      Personal protective clothing (PPC) may include hoods and flame-retardant (FR) fabrics that may affect heat transfer and, thus, the critical wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT(crit)) to maint...
  • The New Company Address
    Time : 2012-11-20

     Xinxiang Weis Textiles & Garments Co., Ltd   Room 808,Building B,Huazhong Building,Jinsui RD, HongQi Zone,Xinxiang city,45...
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