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  • How Do I Choose the Best Flame Retardant Curtains?
    Time : 2012-11-20

      Flame retardant curtains are just one of the many flame retardant products available. The type and longevity of the flame-resistant properties are important items to consider when choosing the ...
  • FR elastic band
    Time : 2012-11-20

      Name:FR elastic band  Specificatiom:4.0*1.5   3.8*1.2 Composition:60/40 Modacrylic/cotton  100% meta-aramid FR standerd:EN533 Elastic strection:17%---25%  Use...
  • Electrical Industry FR Clothing Standards
    Time : 2012-11-20

      The electrical industry has adopted the NFPA 70E standard HRC rating system. The rating system determines the protection standards required for electrical workers at a jobsite. HRC stands for H...
  • Weaker Wool Market In New Zealand
    Time : 2012-11-20

      New Zealand Wool Services International Ltd reported that this week’s offering of 10,500 bales from the South Island saw a generally weaker market with 55 percent of the offering sol...
  • National Day Holiday
    Time : 2012-11-18

     The   National Day Holiday of Xinxiang Weis Textiles &Garments Co.,ltd is from 30th.9.2012---7th.10.2012              &...
  • Zambia - State Urged To Re-Evaluate Cotton Prices
    Time : 2012-11-20

     The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has urged Government to consider re-evaluating cotton prices for peasant farmers who make money from the produce only once a year.    &...
  • Fire Retardancy of Fabrics
    Time : 2012-11-18

    The good news is that the flammability of fabric can be drastically reduced through the use of fire retardants. Many natural fibers, including cotton, can be topically treated with a chemical that red...
  • New developed FR fabric in super strength
    Time : 2017-11-13

    Our factory developed a new FR cotton fabric in super strength to meet the market new requirement.Tensile strength: warp:                      &n...
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