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FRCTEX™ FR cotton polyester fabrics
YSETEX CVC 75 24 1 flame retardant twill
YSETEX CVC 75 24 1 flame retardant twill

CVC cotton/polyester flame retardant anti static fabric


Construction: 2/2 Twill


Fiber Content: 75% Cotton, 24% polyester, 1%anti static  


Yarn count: 10s*10s


Weight: 360gsm ± 10gsm


Treatment: THPC durable FR finish, more than 50 times washing


MOQ: 3000meters


Comply Standards:EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 14116, ASTM D 6413, EN1149-3, etc



formaldehyde content: Less than 200ppm

Tear Strength: Warp:35N

                            Weft: 30N



360gsm FR anti static fabric is a heavy fabric for winter,smooth and durable,it is for various application,such as FR coverall and workwear, FR jackets and pants,FR Clothing for welding, Oil & Gas, firefighting, Steelmaking, mining, Oil fields,etc



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