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FRCTEX™ FR modacrylic cotton fabrics
250gsm modacrylic/cotton inherent fireproof fabric for safety workwear
250gsm modacrylic/cotton inherent fireproof fabric for safety workwear

Fabric composition: modacrylic/ cotton 

Yarn Count:32S*2/32S*2  

Weight: 250gsm

Construction: twill  weave 

Weight: 250gsm ± 10gsm 



1. inherent fire proof

2. High quality cotton

3.Perfect protective characteristics

4.High tenacity, durable to use

5.High fastnesses, soft touch, comfortable,breathable

6. Optional multi-risk treatment which adds protection agains acids,oil,grease and water

Color: customized

MOQ: 1000meters 

Comply Standards:EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 14116, ASTM D 6413, NFPA 2112,NFPA70E,EN ISO 11611,etc 


250gsm modacrylic/cotton inherent fire proof fabrics is flame retardant for lifetime,soft and breathable,it is for various application,such as FR coverall and workwear, FR shirts,FR Clothing for natural gas,petrochemical industry, electric power industry, firefighting,welding, shipyard, steelmaking,boiler industry and mine industry,etc.

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