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FRCTEX™ FR cotton fabrics
6.5OZ YSETEX Cotton FR anti static Satin
6.5OZ YSETEX Cotton FR anti static Satin

6.5OZ YSETEX Cotton FR anti static Satin


Construction: 4/1 Satin 

Fiber Content: 98% Cotton   2% anti static


Yarn count: 20s*20s


Weight: 220gsm ± 10gsm


Treatment: THPC durable FR finish, more than 100 times washing


MOQ: 1000meters


Comply Standards: EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 14116,ASTM D 6413



formaldehyde content: Less than 100ppm

Tear Strength: Warp:32N

              Weft: 25N



 220gsm FR anti static satin is our new developed item, it is used for FR summer coverall,and tropical climate FR coverall,or summer FR jacket and pants,it is higher strength and ultra soft.



Color Choice:


Different colors can be dyed follow customers requirements.YSETEX can make lab dips to customer confirmed.




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