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FR•PPE™ FR coveralls & overalls
Fire Proof Protective Work Overall
Fire Proof Protective Work Overall

Fire Proof Protective Work Overall

Item No.:WSFRB003

Fabric Material: 100% cotton satin or as your requirement

Weight: 300gsm or as your requirement

Color: dark blue or customized

Feature:  Arc Proof, Molten Drop Protection

Standards: EN ISO 11611 CLASS1  A1+A2

                  EN ISO 11612 A1+A2,B1,C1,F1

fire proof protective work overall‘s fabric image:

305gsm 直贡_副本


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·Two side waist with elastic to adjust the waist size.

·Dig plate pocket from the trousers pocket, pocket opening with contrast binding tape and contrast pocket flap,closure with velcro, one D button on 1cm pocket opening 

·The right hip pocket of wearer is patch pocket with contrast flap, closure with velcro, stitched contrast thread, contrast flap base fabric leans out of edge 0.5cm , more stylish and versatile. There is a tool pocket from the bottom right corner of pocket to outside seam.

·One contrast three-dimensional pocket with flap on the left thigh of the wearer,the pocket flap is same as the back pocket flap.

·Stitched single obvious thread on front rise, closure with metal zipper.

·Inside the legs, there are kneecaps at the knees, the opening is on top, closure with veclro, the knee pad can be added to protect the knee if needed.

·Bar tack all the force bearing point.

·Standard size: as your requirement.

Application:The suit is suitable for natural gas,petrochemical industry, electric power industry, firefighting,welding, shipyard, steelmaking,boiler industry and mine industry,etc. 

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