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FR•PPE™ FR Jackets
Factory wholesale knitted safety jacket
Factory wholesale knitted safety jacket

 Factory wholesale knitted safety jacket


· Product Name

Factory wholesale knitted safety jacket

· Classification

Protective Workwear

· Fabric Content

 cotton; 9.5oz or other ; Or as your request

· Colour

Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black; Or as your request

· Size

S ~ 3XL ; Or as your request

· Feature

Reflection ; High Visibility ; Flame retardant; anti shrinkage

· Description

1. Two chest pockets and two pockets on the side of the waist 

2. This piece of jacket looks very simple and decent

3. The color of this piece of jacket is gray,  the fabric feels very soft and comfortable

4. Contrast coloured lower body

5. Our product have passed the standard of EN 11612, EN 11611, EN 14116, NFPA 2112.

6. With anti static function and flame retardant function

· Applicable

Coal ; Mining ; Shipping ; Cold Storage ; Roadway Safety


This piece of jacket can provent people from high heat and flame, it can protect people in dangerous environment and improve the extend of safety.

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